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Rumination and Delectation

Saturday, June 25, 2022 4-7PM

Crestmont Gallery presents Rumination and Delectation, an exhibition of works by Anastassia Bobokalonova and Benjamin Zisman, curated by Joshua Willey.

From the Curator

Lately, there has been plenty of time to watch the walls. The dance floor was roped off, the cantina closed, the planes grounded. Fully remote or the great resignation, morning scrum on the wifi, afternoon zazen on the zafu, evenings with NTS, all between the same walls. It’s good to watch the walls. До́ма и сте́ны помога́ют. At home, even the walls help you. We know that in a new way now. But what if there was something on the wall to remind you that the lines around objects and ideas are porous? That could rearrange things, remake you anew each time you look at it?

Mount Sutro, almost a thousand feet tall, is named after an engineer and former San Franciscan mayor. The cloud forest that covers it gets nearly half its moisture from fog. Karl, as the fog is known to many, gets its name from Karl the Giant. Maybe they are similarly misunderstood. The fog sometimes gets blamed, but if you are right within and take a deep breath, Karl will fill your lungs with joy. Last winter, goats were brought to attend to the Sutro forest understory, grazing on poison oak, ivy, blackberry brambles. One night they escaped to bleat up and down the block in front of Crestmont Gallery.

Before he died in Santa Fe, Dave Hickey said “I followed beauty where it led, into the silence.” I love these paintings because they are silent, unfinished, they are open, breathing. There is plenty of noise, spatial temporal dysphoria, and euphoria too. The cup of the official world runneth over with content. If you walk on Mount Sutro at night or even by day it is often silent. Hickey also said “choosing beauty over content (or choosing beauty as content) is always an act of sedition.” The official world would have you drown in content. Lucky us, we resist, we can float. All you need is a wall, just follow your breath.

— Joshua Willey

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